High Life in Amsterdam

Just a mere mention of “ Amsterdam ” and the image of freely smoking weed in the city will always arise. But “freely” doesn’t mean getting high in any place in the city – recreational drugs is still illegal in Amsterdam. Yet, you can freely smoke them in special cafes called “coffeeshops”.

Get high or stoned, coffeeshops has a wide variety of marijuana and hash along with those notorious meals like space cake.  There are 300 coffeeshops in the city alone and it is prohibited for them to advertise these recreational drugs.

So here is a starter’s list on where to enjoy, get high and stoned while in Amsterdam.

Barney’s Lounge

Located in the Southern Main Canals District in Reguliersgracht, south of Rembrandtplein. The weeds and hash cost more compared to other coffeeshops but it still sought-after due to its ambiance and the high quality of their cannabis.

Bud tenders are helpful in selecting your cannabis while waitresses will assist you to ensure your stay comfortable and having a great time. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasing even when the house is full.


Ask any returning or frequent visitors of Amsterdam and they will endorse Balou. It has the perfect location – in the city center of Rembrandtplein – you can come here before or at the end of your day tour in the city. A tiny coffeeshop that can only accommodates 16 people; it is still a favorite among visitors. Enjoy cup of tea, coffee, play cheese or lounge while smoking pot or getting stoned.

Old Amsterdam

If you demand high quality especially in hash, you won’t be disappointed with Old Amsterdam.  Located close to Amstel River, this is an underrated coffeeshop, but smart smokers who know their weed know that this is one of the best places in the city. They have an enormous menu and bud tenders will be helping you out which ones to pick or try. Tables, comfy chairs and sofas together with bongs make this place very homey and relaxing.

420 Café

Due to the regulation banning coffeeshops to directly market and promote weed, 420 Café was renamed from its original name – Cannabis Café. Today, some people also call them “de Kauil” and another highly recommended places to smoke and get stoned in Amsterdam. 420 Café resembles a cozy bar minus alcohol, which is prohibited in coffeeshops. Patrons love the homey feeling with its famous resident cat. Enjoy live music, smoke weed or get high with your space cake.

Tweed Kamer

Literally means, “ Second Room”, this well-liked trendy coffeeshop is right in the city center. Chances are, it can be just walking distance from your hotel; Dam Square is also a few minutes away on foot. Tiny yet popular for their menu and quality of marijuana and hashish set in a very relaxed ambiance.

There are many coffeeshops in the city but sometimes too many options can be difficult too. The list above is a great start for those first-time visitors as well as those looking for the best places to enjoy cannabis.

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