Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Adding to the list of well-organized facilities in Amsterdam is the Passenger Terminal. The port of Amsterdam is centrally located in the city that passengers can just take a few minutes of walking to reach the city center.

It sits on IJ River with a 600-meter quay. Its water depth measures 10.5 meters hence, accommodating big ships like cruise liners.

A superior infrastructure, it is fitted with the outstanding facilities. Passengers will arrive in a massive reception hall, and there are plenty of options when it comes to dining and shopping right within the Passenger Terminal of Amsterdam.

It also links to other transportation hubs like Schiphol Airport, Central Station, and bus terminals.

Port of Call

As the city’s main port of call for cruise ships, the Passenger Terminal of Amsterdam is another gateway when visiting Amsterdam and its neighboring areas. It is the perfect setting when visiting Amsterdam as part of your stopovers or as commencing point for a tour across Europe.

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam caters to smaller boats and even military vessels yet it is still more synonymous with cruise ships. The port terminal welcomes at least 300,000 passengers each year – and the number is increasing – onboard 150 cruise ships for Baltic or Arctic voyages.

Event Venue

With its stunning look and design, the terminal accommodates not just passengers but events attendees. Its modern architecture of waved glass, drawing inspiration from water and land relationship, makes this a first-class events and convention center.

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam has three levels; each offer distinct needs for meetings, events and conferences.  From intimate to huge occasions, Amsterdam’s Passenger Terminal is the perfect place to host it right in the middle of the city. Not to mention its halls and rooms offering great views of the harbor and the city itself.

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