Parking in Amsterdam

Most visitors Amsterdam use the public transportation. If you insist on driving through this picturesque city, look for the city’s parking facilities on the outskirts of the city or park & ride sites. You can find limited parking further into Amsterdam and park in official street side parking spaces. There are also city center garages.

Every year over one million visitors arrive in Amsterdam by car. The city is hospitable to drivers, but the inner city has narrow roads, pedestrians and bike riders. Unless you are familiar with the loops and turns, you could get lost. Learn about the motorway, roads and parking options to keep your trip free from traffic incidents. Get familiar with the A10 ring road that loops around Amsterdam. Intersecting A10 are 18 S-routes direct you to different parts of the city. Pay attention and you will have an easy time navigating Amsterdam.

Arriving in Amsterdam you will notice signs offering information about parking spaces in the city. The Integrated Dynamic parking system or IDP helps direct automobiles into the city and gives directions to different parking stations.

On-street parking is marked with a blue light box and a white letter P. You can park in these spaces for a fee. Make sure you get to the parking space first and park quickly, or you will lose your spot. You can find a parking guide furnished by the Cition or the parking authority, at information centers. There are different fees for on-street parking.

There are about eighteen parking spaces in Amsterdam’s Center District. There is also a parking garage at Piet Hein 59, 1019 GM. Locate these parking spots by a blue light box with a distinctive P. Make sure you park only in the designated spots or you will be ticketed or towed away. As a visitor to Amsterdam, it might be very difficult to find your car after it’s been impounded.

The district of Zuidoost allows parking at four different areas. One is Dome garage where you can find plenty of parking. Find Zuidoost at Passage 88, 1101 AX.

Look for parking in District of West at only one place. Do follow the instructions. Be prepared to walk a distance to your destination.

There are car rental companies for your convenience in and around Amsterdam. International car rental companies have outlets in Amsterdam, or you can make reservations in your home town. Car rental companies include Sixt Autoverhuur or Enterprise Rent-A-Car Nederland. Rent when you get off the airplane from Avis Schiphol or Avis Autoverhuur. Travel via rental car consider a mini or small sized cars It might be pretentious, difficult to find parking, and annoying to pedestrians if you rent a long luxury car just for driving around Amsterdam.

Keep a bottle of headache tablets, a cache of coins to pay for parking, and a relaxed attitude. You are traveling in a highly populated city and trying to find a parking space, and this causes stress.

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