Dutch Language in Amsterdam

As you well know, Dutch is the official language of Amsterdam , but since there are more than 100 nationalities, you will be able to hear many languages. In the center of the city you will find many people who speak English, which is wide spread throughout the territory of the city.

What Language Do People Speak in Amsterdam?

Since English is recognized as an international language in many parts of the world, it is no wonder that it is spoken by so many people who live in Amsterdam. One might say that English is the official language of tourism in Amsterdam, and usually the tourists are happy with this.

On the other hand, if you know German, Spanish, French, or Italian, you shouldn’t be afraid because the chances are that you will find someone who can help you. If you are afraid that you won’t find anyone speaking your language, you should learn a little English or Dutch. However, since Dutch is more complicated, it is recommended to choose English. However, the choice is entirely up to you, and you shouldn’t be scared. Learning a couple of words and phrases in Dutch, however, wouldn’t hurt.

Thank you = dankje wel

Please = alstublieft

Coffee = koffie

Sandwich = broodje

Bicycle = fiets

Departure = vertrek

Bedroom = slaapkamer

Blandket = deken

Very Good = erg lekker

Amsterdam is a very tolerant city. Historically Amsterdam valued trade more than ideology or even religion. Amsterdam is a city of immigrants. Jews from Spain and French Protestants found safety in Amsterdam centuries ago. This attitude makes Amsterdam a very progressive and open-minded culture.

Once you get here, you will be amazed by the cultural differences and by the great number of people who speak different languages. In this way you will be able to see that each person is unique, having something different to offer. Maybe in this way you will feel less alone in a foreign country. You can even make a few friends, which would be an amazing thing, allowing you to have a great experience in this foreign country that has so many things to offer.

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