Interesting Facts about Amsterdam

Millions of tourists visit Amsterdam each year, and quite a number of them come back more than once. Great people, excellent food and incredible tourist spots plus awesome history; no wonder visitors keep coming back.

Amsterdam in a nutshell is a coalition government. Government provides an area of compromise and tolerance. It has an oceanic climate quite similar to Great Britain with the warmest months from June to August. Water is extremely safe to drink. In fact, Amsterdam has the safest and best tap water in Europe. In hotels and restaurants all taxes and service charges are included.

One-fourth of the Netherlands is below sea level and Amsterdam is included in that fourth. Schiphol Airport is 4 meters below sea level and at its lowest point Amsterdam is 6.2 meters below sea level. Dutch experts keep the water away from cities by using levies. When Katrina caused such horrific damage in New Orleans, Dutch engineers were call in to help fix the levies.

170 boats run Amsterdam’s canals, and some 110 have awesome glass tops. Nothing is more awesome than riding on a canal, in a glass topped boat in the rain.

If you are a bike enthusiast or even if you are not, grab a bike and be one of the millions who ride around the city. Everyone loves cycling in Amsterdam, and there are more than 15, 000 km of bicycle paths in in this awesome city. Fun note, there are twice more bikes in Amsterdam than there are cars.

Amsterdam has more museums than just about any city in the world. Among the seventy museums in the Netherlands, forty of them are in Amsterdam. One of the most awe-inspiring museums is the Van Gogh Museum. It has the largest Van Gogh collection in the world. You cannot miss the Anne Frank House where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II. In this diary, Anne described her daily life for more than two years while in hiding. Her original diary, as well as some of her other notebooks, are featured in the museum.

Located at Museum Square, visit Rijksmuseum. Housed here is a remarkable collection of Dutch art and history. Rembrandt’s Night Watch, and paintings from Frans Hals, Jan Steen, and Vermeerlive here. Gorgeous luxury dolls’ houses furnished in exquisite detail play a prominent place in the Rijksmuseum

11,000,000 wooden poles hold up Amsterdam. Fifteen to twenty meter long poles reach into the sandy layer that is eleven meters below the surface. Those who live and visit Amsterdam don’t worry about the poles sunk into the sand; they enjoy 1,515 bars and cafes. Favorites are Café Tabac with their awesome spicy curries and Hanneke’s Boom that features cozy fireplaces and comfy sofas.

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