IAmsterdam City Card

Vising Amsterdam ? Consider purchasing the I amsterdam Card, the Amsterdam Visitor Discount Card. This card offers access to more than 25 museums and attractions. You can receive discounted admission to use public transportation without additional payments, and enjoy discounts at many restaurants and shops.  Enjoy car and bike rentals, gifts, as well as the local cheese and haring shops. There are many other tourist attractions that are accessed with the I amsterdam card package. You can purchase the card for 24, 48 or 72-hour intervals. I amsterdam is a play on words for I AMsterdam, the city’s slogan.

Prices are $54 (€39) for a 24 hours card, $68 (€49) and $82 (€59) for a 72-hour card. Usage begins when you first use the card at one of the participating sights. The card is only good for one visit to each attraction. You may think that you will bypass general lines at popular sights, but you will have to wait your turn in line.

There are plenty of museums to visit with the I amsterdam card. The Dutch Resistance Museum as well as the Hermitage Museum. Visit the Jewish History Museum (Anne Frank’s museum is not included) and Museum van Loon. Visit the great painters’ museums of Rembrandt and Van Gogh and take advantage to visit the Rijksmuseum.

Use the benefit of one canal cruise with Holland International and one canal cruise with Blue Boat Company. Use most public transportation including buses, trams and the underground system with your I amsterdam card.

Pros for having an I amsterdam card are the visits to the museums or attractions. If you visit three museums at €10 per admission, you will almost have the paid for the 24-hour I amsterdam card. Be sure to take advantage of all the attractions included on the I amsterdam card or the money you paid will go to waste.

A transport ticket or I amsterdam card is not valid on the Dutch Railway trains. You cannot use the I amsterdam card to get to and from the airport via train or for traveling by train to the outlining sites of Amsterdam.

Take a day trip to Haarlem. Filled with historical churches, a cathedral more museums and the famous Haarlem hofjes or courtyards in the middle of Haarlem. You can also use your card to take a day trip to Zaanse Schans. Zaanse Schans offers tours to traditional houses, warehouses and workshops, awesome windmills and entry to Teylers Museum.

Take a trip to Volendam & Marken. Authentic wooden houses in the picturesque fishing village feature quaint fishing boats, authentic wooden houses and a way to visit the island of Marken. Traditional costumes are displayed and worn in Marken, and there are old wooden houses built on stilts.

Purchase the I amsterdam card at tourist information offices, the VVV, and most tourist agencies. Hotels in Amsterdam have I amsterdam cards for purchase. I amsterdam cards are intended for adults and minors twelve and older. Smaller children receive free access to most of the attractions as well as discount tickets.

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