Amsterdam Centraal Central Station

The core of Netherland’s transportation, Amsterdam Central Station should always be on the list for those visiting the city. At least 250,000 commuters use this station and it extends to tourists who prefer to take public transportation.

The central station is a key structure in the city for both locals and visitors. Transportation structure that also has a deeper significance not just to Amsterdam but also to the whole of Netherland’s history, heritage, and tourism.

Transport Hub

The Central Station of Amsterdam is where all public transportation in the city and in the whole Netherlands meets. Tunnels underneath its platforms will take you either to the Noord (northern area of Amsterdam) or to Centrum (Central side of the city).

Expected from an advanced city, facilities are world-class and of the latest technology. There are Information desks if you need assistance, Service Centre for international ticketing, 24/7 luggage services, and a wide variety of shops and dining venues.

All buses, trams, taxis, and ferries can be found here. Tram stops right in front of the central station. From intra-city routes, it also serves direct airport access as well as international cities.

Schiphol Airport is just a few minutes away from the Central Station while many trains arrive from neighboring European cities like Brussels, Paris , Cologne  and even London . Thus, perfectly serving international travelers -convenient, safe, and efficient.

Amsterdam’s Landmark

Opened since 1889, Amsterdam’s Central Station is itself a heritage site. More than just transportation, the central station bears the nation’s outstanding culture and history. With this, a trip to the central station is always on the to-do-list of every traveler visiting Amsterdam.

From the outside, the station is a sight to behold. Designed by Pierre Cuypers and A. L. van Gendt, the whole complex is of Neo-Renaissance with a touch of Gothic influences. Its façade, bearing the nation’s coat of arms, is a picture-perfect display. Other interesting part of the edifice is the Royal Pavilion, a section where waiting rooms are built for members of the royal family.

Outside the station are plenty of activities for visiting tourists. There are many activities around the square like festive Christmas market. Or take a sit and enjoy people watching. Amsterdam’s Tourist Office is also a stone away to answer all your needs and concerns.

Transportation, sightseeing or both, this magnificent Central Station is a must-visit while in the city of Amsterdam.

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