Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Majority of Amsterdam ’s visitors fly to its main airport, the award-wining international airport, Schiphol Airport. Located less than 20 kilometers from the city of Amsterdam, it is the 5th largest passenger airport in the world.

Netherland’s Main International Airport

Home to KLM, Netherland’s flagship carrier and the world’s largest airlines, it goes without saying that Schiphol is one of the busiest hub in the world. It receives at least 48 million passengers annually from 260 destinations, serving 90 airlines across the globe. It has 3 massive terminals with planes traversing its 6 runaways.

Its name came from Fort Schiphol – the fortification used to stand within its current vicinity. Amsterdam airport is standing on a reclaimed lake with shallow waters that created sudden violent storms, capsizing and damaging ships; thus, the name “Schiphol” which means, “ship grave”.

One of the world’s most recognizable airports, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol started operation way back in 1916, but before it became a passenger airport, it used to be a military airbase.

Worldclass airport 

More than its size, Amsterdam’s main airstrip is unrivaled when it comes to convenience and efficiency. Aim to serve international visitors; the airport is easy to navigate with its signpost texts as well as symbols, not to mention the highly skilled ground staff at Schiphol.

Facilities from parking to transportation, coming and leaving via Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport are a breeze. The Schiphol station is just underneath with plenty of buses, hotel shuttles, and taxis to take passengers to and from the airport.

Business travelers can rely on its business facilities from Wi-Fi access to its Skyport Business Center that includes rooms that can be rented out for meetings.

A Tourist Destination

True to its impeccable reputation, the management makes sure that every passenger will have a great time while at the airport. Long layovers will not be a problem at Schiphol Airport.

For a start, it has the Schiphol Plaza, housing up to 100 shops, not to mention a plethora of dining venues. If you want to relax, head to the newly opened library with 1,200 books in 29 languages.

Proceed to the open-air observation deck and marvel at the massive space of this airport. Lastly, Amsterdam is famous for its museums, and it will not come a surprise that within the airport is an aviation museum called the Aviodome as well as an art gallery.

Efficiency and comfort, you can rely on Amsterdam’s airport. Schiphol Airport itself is a place worthy to visit and a good start to your wonderful journey to the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

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