Activities in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a myriad of things to do that it is impossible to accomplish everything in a single visit. From local attractions to guided tours, here are fun activities to do while in Netherland’s charming city.

Canal Cruises

Canal tours will remain on the top spot when it comes to activities in Amsterdam and will never become a tourist trap. Highly recommended for first-time visitors, there are more canal tours for those who want something new. Check out dinner cruises, or rent your own boat to explore the canals of Amsterdam at your own pace.

Walking Tours

The narrow streets of Amsterdam are perfect for walking and strolling – visitors should explore the city on foot or by bike. There are plenty of walking and sightseeing tours for both first-time and frequent visitors – museum tours, city tours, and many more. Join these tours if you are pressed for time; want to cover many attractions and must-sees during your stay or, for convenience.

Paint the Town Red

Something that no one can deny, infamous attractions of the city is a good experience for some tourists. Though not obligatory for ALL, Amsterdam is admired for their acceptance, leniency and liberated perspective.

Dance the night away at numerous bars and clubs, smoke at coffeehouses, visit Red Light District or enjoy stag parties in Amsterdam.

Culinary Tour

Netherlands is rich in gastronomic culture – from their indigenous cuisine to influences from its neighboring countries. You can enjoy the country’s rich cuisine with food and beer tours. Lasting 2-3 hours, you will be sampling different local favorites and staples like herring and fries. Enjoy traditional drinks like different kinds of beers. Tours also include visiting well-loved restaurants, breweries, and distillery.

Out of Town Tours

Got more time to spare? Then experience Holland’s countryside like the famous Zaanse Schans, Marken, and Volendam! Comfortable transit from Amsterdam, you will see iconic images of giant windmills, tulips, local museums, and wooden houses of traditional Dutch architecture.

With all these activities, it comes to conclusion that Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit and enjoy a journey. A vibrant city filled with heritage and unique local culture!

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