Icehotel Sweden

Experiencing tourism nowadays has changed for some daring travelers who wish to stay well-adapted to the theme of their travel. Therefore, hotel developers are quick in keeping up with the new trend by bringing accommodations to a new level, not in terms of luxury, but of uniquity. So here are the most crazily bizarre hotels you might want to try.

Treehotel (Harads, Sweden)

Treehotel Sweden
A 4 cubic-meter aluminum box with mirrored surface hanging on a tree trunk amid the forest is capable of hosting two people at a time. There is a double bed, a small bathroom, a living room and a roof terrace. Many might ask how to get access to the room and then get impressed by the rope bridge linked with the next tree.

The capability of giving a 360 degree observation of the surroundings makes the cabin stand out. However, as birds might get illuded by the reflection of glass, people have covered an ultraviolet layer that is visible to birds only.

ICEHOTEL(Jukkasjarvi, Sweden)

As the name says it all, ICEHOTEL is constructed by pure ice and snow. Here comes the chance for guests to lie down on an icy bed as well as experience other furniture which is also made of ice. Temperature is always kept minus 5°C.

The whole edifice gets annual reconstruction because of ice melt. Hundreds tons of ice are collected to rebuild the interiors. Thus, ICEHOTEL can be an ideal place to accommodate yourself every year.

Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, ID)

The two constructions resemble the figures of two beagles standing in a surrounded area. A balcony leads to the main body of the giant dog which can accommodate 4 people at once. The dog’s head consists of a loft bedroom and an alcove built in the muzzle; while the toilet is masqueraded as a fire hydrant.

Sweet Willy, the larger beagle, is 30 feet tall, 34 feet long and 14 feet wide. These gigantic wooden structures painted with stucco are owned by a group of chain-saw artists.

Tianzi Hotel (Hebei Province, China)

The three Chinese godlike buildings were built in 2000 with 10 storeys. From the right to left, the buildings represent Fu, Lu and Shou in respect, which are the symbols of good fortune, prosperity and longevity.

Tianzi is the largest iconic hotel in the world. The peach on Shou’s hand is a suite. The entrance to the hotel is located in his right foot.

Sandcastle Hotel (Weymouth, UK)

1100 tons of sand was used to craft the entire seaside resort. It took a team of four architects 14 days to finish this work in July 2008. However, the structure could not survive after a big rainstorm.

Spend a $15 night at Sandcastle gave guests the experience of sleeping under thousands of stars and waking up by the flooding waves at your door. Nevertheless, the hotel might not be recommended to those who weren’t comfortable with sand or preferred privacy.

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