50 years after the civil war, Korea has developed dramatically. Big cities such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, … are living evidences for that development. Besides, this country is also famous for its beautiful landscapes. Let’s take a look at some of the most attractive destinations below:


Jinhae-gu is a part of Changwon city, south Korea. Jinhae is well-known for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is hold in the spring once a year. 2 places that provide the most stunning views of cherry blossom in Korea are Kyeongwha railway station and Yeojwa river (Jinhae). Especially, many couples gather at Yeojwa river and walk on the Romance Bridge here. They believe that walking on that bridge will help protect their relationship.


Seorak mountain

Seorak is the third tallest mountain in Korea. It is located in Gandwon province, Northeast Korea. Seoraksan national park is a precious feature of Korea’s tourism. It has a lot of outstanding landscapes such as Ulsanbawi mountain with 5 big stones lying next to each other. Besides, tourists can also travel to The Valley of a thousand Buddhas, where many mountains stand along the 2 sides of the valley like 2 rows of Buddha statues.

Jejud island

Jeju is one of the most popular islands in Korea. This place has been chosen to be the theme of many famous Korean movies. To explore everything on the island, you have to spend a lot of time. In case you don’t have time, you can visit some outstanding places only such as the Eastern sea shore of Seopjikoji – a shore with many volcanic stones in different shapes, the “Peak of Dawn” Seongsan Ilchubong mountain – a five-thousand-year-old volcano that provides the best view to watch the sun rise, Halla mountain – a mountain that is fully covered with snow in the winter and last but not least, Rhodolith sea shore – the habitat of Korean precious red coral.

Haeinsa Pagoda

Haeinsa is a 1200 year–old pagoda. With such a rich history, this pagoda keeps many of the most ancient prayer books in the world, including the Tripitaka Koreana one. In the pagoda, there is also the oldest wooden Buddha statue. Haeinsa is one of the most important Buddhism destinations in Korea.

The bamboo garden of Juknokwon

Juknokwon bamboo garden is located among a man-made landscape behind a Confucianism school in Damyang city, Jeollanam province. In Juknokwon, tourists can find a bamboo forest covering a large area. There are also some beautiful springs and traditionally designed gazebos. This is an ideal destination for those who like to take photos and do sightseeing.

Boseong plantations of tea

Last but not least, tourists should travel to Boseong. About 40% of tea in Korea was produced in Boseong. Tourists can buy high quality tea here with the original low price. This place is also the theme of many popular Korean series and movies. Beside enjoying many different kinds of tea, tourists will have the chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the fantastic view of the green tea fields.

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