Thailand is no doubt one of the most famous destinations in south east Asia. Beaches in Thailand are among the highest-ranking ones all over the world. However, one of the most attractive features of Thailand is transvestite show, which is a specific trait of this amazing country. This is an artistic show played by transgender artists. To experience this kind of entertainment, go to Pattaya. One of the biggest remarks of this city is Cabaret shows (a kind of musical), which are totally performed by transgender dancers.Find a Great beach holiday

Pattaya Transvestite Thailand

In Pattaya, there are 2 theaters which are specially designed for big transvestite shows. Those are Alcazar show and Tiffany show. In Tiffany Show, the producers pay serious attention to appearances. The dancers are carefully chosen based on how good they look. Meanwhile in Alcazar show, dancers are also require to master performing skills and have the ability to draw people’ attention. Besides, Alcazar owns a theater equipped with modern technology and facilities. This theater is capable of involving five hundred audiences per show. Most travel agents in Thailand design a tour that includes Alcazar shows, although the price of each ticket for this show is not cheap at all. In the beginning, some of the tourists in Thailand worry because they do not understand English. However, after attending the show, they feel very excited because it is a musical. There is no MC and no pause at all during the show. Everything takes place continuously one by one until the end.

Besides, Thailand is one of the most well-known countries in transgendering technology. But only when you have the chance to be exposed to the transvestite shows do you really believe in how perfect the transgendering process is. Despite already being told that none of the performers in these shows is “real” women, a lot of tourists still get shocked and doubtful about the appearance of the dancers. No matter how careful you notice their looks, you will not find any clues proving that they used to be 100% men. Alcazar shows are not only famous for this special feature, but also for the quality of each performance. All the performances in the show are designed and prepared professionally. Each one represents a different country as well as a different culture. In case you are too curious and want to take a quick glance at these shows, you can look up on Youtube for some of the remarkable performances.

Moreover, after each show, audiences have the chance to go on stage and take photos with the beautiful dancers. Audiences have to pay 40 bath (Thailand’s currency) for every shot. You had better prepare just enough money for the shot because if you give them more money and expect some change in return, they will take the extra money as tip.

So, if you are really curious and interested in these shows, do not hesitate to book a tour right away. You will no doubt experience some of the most incredible and special features of Thailand. See ya!

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