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Glitzy Dubai , which used to be no more than a large desert, now has risen up to become one of the richest countries in the world. It features the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world, the biggest artificial aquariums, the largest indoor skiing center and some other outstanding constructions.

Beside those modern high-tech buildings, Dubai also has many worth-visiting cultural and historical destinations. Here are the 4 places that truthfully reflect Dubai’s spirit.

Burj Khalifa

The most remarkable feature of Dubai is Burj Khalifa. It is 830 – meter high and was recorded to be the highest building on the planet. The first thing that visitors should do here is taking a trip to the observation deck, which is on 124th floor. From the deck, visitors can enjoy a total 360 – degree landscape of Dubai, half of which faces the desert and the other fronting the ocean.

Besides, lying on the ground are Dubai fountain – the tallest performing fountain in the world and the beautiful winding walkways inside the central gardens. Find hotels hear Burj Khalifa here.

Dubai’s Museum

Built in 1787, Dubai’s museum is located in the Al – Fahidi Fort. It was made of primitive materials such as coral block, mud, wood, and plaster. The museum used to be a prison, a government office and a residence of the ruling people. Due to its vulnerable materials, the building has been restored and rebuilt several times, especially in 1971 and 1995. Currently, with modern building technique, it is officially Dubai’s premier museum.

Insides, tourists can see all the stories and evidences of Dubai’s history of development. It also features most of Dubai cultural significance that reflects their lifestyle and experiences.

Dubai Creek

The Creek of Dubai is a border line between Deira and Bur Dubai. This is the place that gathers most of the cultural features of both Northern and Southern Dubai. Along the creek, there are some small towns which involve many specific Dubai’s characteristics. This is where the very first economy of Dubai was formed and extended. To enjoy the stunning views of two sides of the creek, tourists can hire a dhow (a kind of cruise boat) or a small wooden ferry named Abra.

Burj Al – Arab

Last but not least, Burj Al – Arab is another building of Dubai that has been recorded in the Guiness Book. It is the tallest hotel in the world. Located on Dubai’s artificial island, Al – Arab hotel is 321 – meter high and fronts the gorgeous coastline of this country. It is also one of the most luxury hotels in the world. One night in this hotel costs from 5000 to 15 000 USD.

The hotel also features the one and only underwater restaurant named Al-Mahara. Over here, tourists can experience an unforgettable moment of having lunch while watching many different kinds of fish and other sea creatures “flying” above their heads.

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