Brazil Carnival Festival


Celebrated nationally in February every year, the Carnival Festival is the grandest one taking place in the Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, where all the most talented samba dancers gather to show their talents. This festival is invested in very large scale.

The festival starts with the opening ceremony giving the key leading to the city to King Momo, an imaginary character, in order for him to open the gate and lead all the dancers to the Samba Square; and then everyone will show off their skills and performance. Each school will have 85 minutes to give the crowd their best shoot. In the noisy sound of drums and the shining colors of all the lights, the audiences gather into groups in many colorful costumes and enjoy the moment. The spotlight of the Carnival is the parades celebrated on Sunday evening and the next morning of Monday at Sambadrom Stadium and lots of other amazing parties. Especially, during this festival, people set up a very exciting competition for Samba dancers and then select 6 best performances to give awards.

Every year, millions of tourists flock into Rio de Janeiro to take part in the show. At this time of year, Brazilian artistes try their best to bring the most spectacular and wonderful festival to everyone. Therefore, this is the most expected moment in the whole country. When you came here, you will get a chance to see many Samba dancing experts from many famous dancing center show their talents. When you come here you can get yourself sunk in the rousing melody of samba and dance. You even can dress up as dazzling as you like. How awesome it is!

Brazil Rio De Janeiro Carnival History

Today’s Carnival derives from the Carnival of Greek and Roman. It is celebrated to welcome the coming spring, and honor the beautiful life at that time. When it comes to Europe such as France, Spain, Portugal, etc. it is a disguising and dancing festival taking place on the streets. Little by little, this festival was transmitted to Brazil and the people here have developed it to a magnificent festival as you can see today. Not only the locals but others from many parts of the world are falling in love with this special occasion in the country.

However, it is crucial for you to keep in mind that the shaking movement when the women here dance, and the way they dress to show their body is a pride to the local people. Unlike that of some people say, this way of dancing and dressing up is non-related to the sexual activities. Brazilians consider it as a way to honor the beauty of the body as well as to maintain the Olympic Spirit in the past.

At the beginning of a year, Brazil dresses itself a colorful costumes. Come and enjoy the moments with your friends, your family in the Samba melody. Brazil with his Carnival festival will never let you down by the hospitality and exciting atmosphere.

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