Hawaii Attractions

Known through many beautiful words as “Heaven”, “best island in the world”, “most attractive destination for honey moon”, etc, Hawaii has more than what you can expect. But if you can get a chance to explore this place. Those words will certainly can not describe enough how you feel about this place.


1. Waikiki Beach

The first impression when you set your feet here is the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere in spite of the fact that Hawaii is very touristy. When you come here do not miss any chance to go to the famous Waikiki beach with a long white coast, clean blue sea and full of sunshine. If you are lucky enough, you will see some Hollywood super stars there, because Hawaii is ideal for anyone. If you want to have an attractive – Asian – skin look, you just need to take a sunbath for two or three hours. Or simply you just need to spend a few hours taking a walk along the beach. Usually there are many activities here you can take part in such as beach volleyball, soccer, water-skiing, etc. You will have a whale of fun.

2. Volcanoes in Hawaii

Moreover, there are a lot of volcanoes in Hawaii. One of the most ubiquitous volcanoes is the Diamond Head. The name “Diamond Head” derived from 19th century British sailors who thought that the clear and sparkling crystals in the rocks of the mountain were diamonds. Now this volcano does not work any longer and becomes one of the most beloved places to visit here. You can even reach the peak of this volcano on foot. Especially, if you have time and passion for exploring the volcanoes, you can book a short flight from here to Big Island to find more interesting stories ahead of you.

3. Hanauma Bay

Another experience, tourists should not miss is diving in Hanauma Bay, a very well-known tourist area on the beautiful Oahu Island. Have you ever imagined that you will get a chance to swim in a fresh and crystal-clear water? Hanauma will make your dream come true. Moreover, under the sea there are variety of corals with many shapes and many colors. There is nothing more wonderful than letting the water massage your whole body, touching all the beautiful living creatures under sea and exploring the world.

4. Pearl Harbor

One more place you should take a look at is Pearl Harbor. Getting famous for the battle here and the movies with the same name, this place still maintain all the vestiges such as the part of Arizona body under the blue water, the gravestone carved with the name of the soldiers, etc. Pearl Harbor will bring you back to the past to know more about the history of Hawaii

Go take a strip to Hawaii whenever you need to relax or to have a good time! The fresh atmosphere and breathtaking sceneries will blow your mind away. Hawaii will make you fall in love for the very first moment. Just come and feel the differences deep inside you own body and soul!

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