Sardinia, belonging to Italy, is the second largest island in Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia features pristine shores and white sand beaches, which are the most beautiful parts of this island. Furthermore, Sardinia has much more to offer. For anyone who loves exploring, we list one of the most beautiful places you should not miss when you come here.

1. Maddalena Archipelago

Maddalena Archipelago, known as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, consists of 7 main islands and is blessed with crystal clear water. Organized excursions of either half or a full day are available so that you can explore all the little islands as well as reach the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking hidden little bays.

2. Barumini’s Nuraghe

Barumini’s Nuraghe – Popularly known as Su Nuraxi. These are ancient megalithic structures built during the Nuragic Age i.e. between 1900 and 730 BCE. In today’s world, Nuraghi stands for Sardinia’s heritage and its peculiar culture.

3. Su Gorropu Canyon

Su Gorropu Canyon – The Gola Su Gorropu is the deepest canyon of Sardinia and one of the deepest ones in Europe. Located in the Ogliastra area on the eastern side of the island, this amazing place is very interesting to visitors who admire the untouched wild beauty.

4. Alghero and Bosa

Alghero and Bosa – Fascinating and unique – are two must-see towns of Sardinia, located on the northwestern coast of the island and 50 km apart from one another. Alghero is a beautiful historical city that still maintain some signs of its Catalan past in its enchanting old towns. Bosa is the smaller of the two and is characterized by a romantic allure thanks to its traditions and the evocative promenade along the river.

5. Chia beaches

The beaches of Chia offer stunning clear water and warm sand beaches along with views of the Chia Tower, an ancient stone watchtower that was once used to protect the village from pirate raids. In this area visitors can also discover the archaeological site of Nora, one of the most ancient sites of Sardinia. The Chia area extends all the way to Capo Spartivento, the second most southern point of the island which hosts the Faro di Capo Spartivento – A spectacular working lighthouse that offers 360 degree panoramic views over the brilliant blue seas of Sardinia.

6. Castelsardo

The town of Castelsardo is an enchanting medieval hamlet listed among the most beautiful hamlets of Italy. From the top of its castle, visitors can admire the splendid Asinara gulf.

7. Neptune’s Caves

Neptune’s Caves – These are the most important caves in Sardinia. They’re located near the town of Alghero and are consecrated to the Neptune Divinity. The caves can be reached via ferry or by taking the 656 steps called Escala del Cabirol, which provides a breathtaking view of the coast while leading you down to the caves.

If you get a chance to come here, make sure that you will come and enjoy the beauty of this place. With the coastal weather, breathtaking sceneries, Sardinia will never let you down. Come and share your happy moments with us!

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