A business trip is a great opportunity to get out of the office. When you are plan a business trip, you might have to make your own travel arrangements. The details of planning may seem to end when bookings are complete, but you might also worry about whether your travel arrangements will suffice on your trip. Use these tips to avoid common mistakes made by business travelers:

1. Don’t book a business trip that tests the limits of your personal budget. Some employers will reimburse you for travel costs after your trip is completed. Be smart about travel planning by following all of your employer’s travel requirements. Book your Jonny so you have enough money during your trip to cover meals, transportation, and incidental expenses.

2. Don’t accept an assignment to go on a trip if you have serious personal conflicts with the travel dates. An employer has a right to ask you to take a trip at any time, but, depending on your situation, you can say no. It is not in the employer’s best interests for you to represent the company when your mind is preoccupied with other commitments. Learn to say no when it is not a good time for a business trip.

3. Don’t book your hotel too far from the conference or meeting location. If you are going to represent your company at a seminar or conference, it is important to arrive early for every meeting. If you try to save money by booking arrangements on a discount travel website, you might get a hotel location too far from the meeting venue. If you cannot narrow a hotel search to a small area near the venue, see if you can afford the Internet rate for a lodging located a few blocks from the venue. Even if you don’t have a rental car, you can walk a few blocks to your meetings.

4. Don’t forget to plan for airport transfers. Without a rental car, for example, you can encounter high costs for a taxi or shuttle service to and from the airport. If you can book a hotel with free shuttle service 24 hours a day, you will have free transfers, thereby reducing the total cost of your trip.

Smart business travelers find the right balance between saving money on bookings and making arrangements near their meetings. Some budget travel options should be avoided when they can compromise your achievement of your travel assignments. For more assistance, hire an experienced travel agent.

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