Paris Eiffel Tower

When people are asked to talk about some places they wish to visit, Paris is one of the most popular names mentioned. Have you ever wonder what makes Paris so attractive? If you want to know, I will tell you.

Find a Great City Holiday

Paris, which is the most populous city of France, is the center of not only Europe but also the world. Situated on the Seine River, the juncture of commercial roads, it was founded soon to become a city of politics, culture and religion. The long and rich history makes Paris an appealing destination.

Eiffel Tower

As for structure, we cannot forget the most famous structure – Eiffel Tower – located in Champ-de Mars Park, beside the Seine. Completed in 1889, the Eiffel Tower with the height of 300 metres became the tallest structure in the world and kept that record in 40 years. The Eiffel Tower, which is the symbol of the Capital of Light, has attracted more than five hundred millions of visitors.

The Museums in Paris

Beside the tower, the collection of museums including Orsay, Guimet and Louvre, etc… plays an important role as a keeper for Paris and France’s history. Louvre is a museum of art and history in District 1. This museum is one of the most famous museums in the world, which displays objects of accent civilization, Islamic arts and European art from the 13rd century to the middle of the 19th century and an interesting place to find out about the Court of France.

National Library of France and Notre Dame Cathedral

As for education, the National Library of France “Bibliothèque nationale de France” is really wonderful to visit. It is the most important library for keeping works published by French and storing bibliography of the nation and this should be a big source for discovering the literary of France. Next, when talking about religion you should enjoy a tour to the Notre Dame Cathedral which is a Catholic church representing for gothic structure representing Catholicism .

Food and Drinks

How can we not mention food in this country? France is a country with subtle and rich cuisine all gathering in Paris. Paris’ residents are very gourmet and serious about eating. To Paris, people cannot deny enjoying wine, cheese with dishes from snails and fatty goose liver. Paris is also famous for coffee and coffee shops which are various in categories and serving ways.

Finally, Paris is considered as the city of love. Romance is absorbed in the atmosphere, the scenery and music in Paris. When thinking of Paris, people talk about poems, classic drawings, romantic music and the nice Seine. All things are mixed in harmony to make the style of Paris that you cannot find in anywhere else. With all special points above we can see that Paris has a beauty from the combination of culture, art and people and deserves to be one of the worth-visit sites in the world.

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