Lake District

Even though many people see the Lake District as a rather secluded area because of its northern location, others would argue that it is actually one of the most exciting places in England. Here, we will look at what outdoor pursuits you can get up to in the area.


The best thing about hiking in the Lake District is that there are so many routes that you will always find something suitable regardless of your hiking experience. The area is well known because it has some of the tallest peaks in the country. Scafell Park is the highest peak in the Lake District and at over 3,000 ft it offers some great views. There are also three other mountains that are over 3,000 foot. However, most impressively there are over 110 over 2000 feet. There are some fantastic premade hikes in the Lake District, which have all been made to suit people of different skill levels.


With the above in mind, there are hundreds of popular walks all over the Lake District that have been aimed at ramblers. These walks are some of the most scenic in the country, which is why there are hundreds available.

Rock Climbing

If you enjoy rock climbing, because of the surroundings, the Lake District is ideal. Rock climbing in the area has been popular for over a century. Some of the hardest routes should only be attempted by those who consider themselves an expert in this field, but there are plenty of easy ones as well. The Scafell Crag is actually England’s biggest climbing crag, and it is also popular. If it is rainy, why not try something indoors? There are many indoor rock climbing places scattered all around the district because climbing in the area is popular.


After a day of taking part in all the above it is important to have wonderful accommodation to come back to relax in. Lake District cottages are some of the most picturesque you will come across in the country. Furthermore, you will feel like you are a world away from civilisation, which is important, especially if you want some down time.

The Lake District is a holiday that all adventurous people should try at least once in their lifetime. The mountainous surroundings makes it ideal for ‘extreme sports’ and hiking and walking as well.

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