With our lifestyles becoming ever more sedentary due to the nature of our work and lack of free time, holidays are a great, often the only, opportunity to be physically active and have some fun. Combining lazing on a sunbed on a beach with an exciting new sport enables you to make the most of your two-week summer holiday and come back home not only rested, but also healthier. If you are a fan of water sports and eager to take on a new challenge, windsurfing is the perfect option.

When the gear for “sailing on a board” was first patented in California in the mid-60s, it must have been hard to predict the massive popularity it would later gain. It became an Olympic sport in 1984 and is today practiced by an estimated 20 million people. This has naturally led to the proliferation of windsurfing schools all over the world. These schools can be found at most seaside holiday destinations and can be attended by everyone, regardless of their knowledge of sailing or other water sports.

There are many balancing and steering techniques and some theoretical knowledge about sailing that a novice must learn before being ready to perform advanced movements. As is the case with any other sport, numerous magazines and DVDs dedicated to windsurfing have cropped up in recent years. These are great aids for beginners, helping them to acquaint themselves with some basic concepts while impatiently waiting for the holidays. Once the course starts, it is only a matter of hours before a beginner masters the fundamentals to remain on the board and control its movement. Depending on the individual, advanced moves and techniques may require an extended period of time to learn.

The dexterity required to perform some complex windsurfing manoeuvres is precisely what makes this sport so challenging and interesting. Rather than being just a one-off holiday adventure, there is a lot of passion involved in windsurfing and enthusiasts come back to it year after year, trying to withstand ever greater wind speeds. With so many new things to learn and so much room for constant improvement, you can practice windsurfing on holiday for the rest of your life. As you get better, you can try windsurfing on smaller boards and at higher speed. Moreover, when carefully practiced, windsurfing is a very safe sport, making it suitable for people of all ages and walks of life.

Windsurfing is also quite an affordable sport. There is no need to travel to exotic locations if you do not have the money, for all that you require are favourable wind conditions. Fortunately, some European countries, such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France, are regarded to be among the best in the world in terms of conditions for windsurfing. Many travel companies offer windsurfing holiday packages that include a course and kit rental. You can also take care of the travel arrangements on your own and book low-cost flights to save money. If you find that windsurfing is just the sport for you, you can buy your own gear and save additional money when booking your next windsurfing holiday.

If you are looking for something different that will allow you to incorporate adventure and physical activity into your days off work, windsurfing is the ultimate choice. Rather than using a dull indoor gym at a holiday resort to keep fit, experience the thrill of facing the forces of nature and mastering them to perform marvellous manoeuvres. Join the people all over the world who are rediscovering the wonders of windsurfing, contributing to its revival.

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