If you have a chance to visit Japan, do not ever forget to take a trip around Kyoto. In the modern active world, Kyoto still maintains the antique life style which makes this city original. You will find yourself lost in another world.

A plenty of magnificent historical buildings still maintain their beauty in spite of time. People here endeavor to preserve all the historic architectures in the best condition. Therefore, many beauties of buildings here are acknowledged by UNESCO, and many other tourist forums. For instance, the Byodo-in Temple established on June 7, 1968, with thousands of wild peacocks, millions of Japanese koi fish as well as lots of small water fall will make you feel restful and peaceful in the wide green view of nature.

One more place you should not miss when you come here is Kinkaku Temple. Covered by gold, the temple elegantly reflects itself in the surface of Kyoko, ponding in the shining color of sunset every day.

If you happen to come to Japan in Autumn, do not forget to visit Chureito Temple to get “sunk” in the color of sakura flower blooming brightly by the Fuji mountain, which is always covered with snow. The peaceful atmosphere and antique scenery will make you relax for sure.

Furthermore, there is an antique spotlight here you should not miss: Geisha, a female entertainer in Japan with high skill in singing classical music, dancing and having conversation with others. With many special elegant characteristics such as white face, small red lips, and colorful traditional costumes Kimono, Geisha will take you aback.

Especially in this city, there is a town of geisha called Gion. Traditional wooden buildings standing in a continuous row create narrow streets, with many restaurants, teashops where all the geishas in town perform every day. You will have many chances to meet a geisha in the flesh, but you should not follow them to ask for taking photos because Japanese consider it very impolite regardless of how much your admiration is. Just stand and watch the beauty of the past to show your respect to them.

However, if you want to discover more about them and have a talk with them, there are two places you should set your foot in: Hanami-koji Street and Shirakawa Street. Hanami-koji Street is the most popular geisha street here with many high-ranking restaurants, many delicious foods, and fabulous performances of geisha. Near the same – named river, Shirakawa Street creates a peaceful and elegant atmosphere for itself. Along the river banks, there are many green willow trees swaying lightly in the cool wind.

To sum up, if you are trying to get away from the modern busy life and want to experience a whole new environment. Kyoto will never let you down. With all the ancient sceneries and traditions living through time, this city will make you experience worthy and enjoyable moments. Kyoto will always gently open her arms to you.

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