Tuscany us a land where the intertwining relationship between countryside and small urban centers plays a big role, one of the primary activities that tourists love to do is heading out for self guided excursions and daytrips to discover hidden natural gems or live first-hand the beauty of the immense artistic and architectural heritage of Tuscany.

Spring is just time to plan your upcoming vacation in this splendid region of Italy. Actually, you should have already chosen your home among the many private Tuscany villas or apartments offered in the countryside or cities like Florence ; if you have not already, this is a good time to get last minute offers available, but you will need to be pretty flexible with dates, as all the good weeks are usually taken by the end of March. However, if you are among the lucky ones that already found their perfect holiday home in the perfect weeks of the season, you may still need to figure out how to enjoy Tuscany to the fullest when it is time to pack your luggages and start your much awaited vacation.

While some like to stick to the true and tried tourist routes, especially if first-timers in the area, you may be one of those who like to put some local spice on your vacation days. In Tuscany, there is no better way of doing so than venturing into horseback riding to slowly explore areas otherwise impossible to know or easily overlooked. Thanks to the growing number of riding schools and horse breeding farms, it is now much easier than just a few years ago to experience Tuscany from the back of a horse.

If the idea of slowly straddling through Tuscan meadows and woods gets you really excited, then you should look for a vacation property that breeds horses and offers guided rides to its guests. There are many farmhouses with apartments and large estates with private villas that breed horses. If you already booked a property that has no horses on its premises, fear not. You are sure to find one in the vicinities of your rental home. Just ask the owner to gather the information you need to organize a satisfactory horse riding holiday in Tuscany.

In case you have no idea where to start from, Maremma is the homeland of Butteri, the Tuscan cowboys, and horse breeding here is a major activity. At Il Barbazzale near Orbetello you are offered straddles for all skill levels, with also the option of exploring the Orbetello Lagoon and doing birdwatching. If you would like to have a more comprehensive experience, at Cavallonatura near Marina di Grosseto you can find horse trekking excursions lasting one day and a half through pine woods and along the splendid beaches from Marina up to Cala Violina.
The Etruscan Coast is also ideal for straddles. The Agency for the Promotion of Tourism (APT Costa degli Etruschi) organizes various options around Rosignano Marittimo, its white beaches and the ancient marble caves once used for the production of sodium carbonate.
If you are going to stay near Siena, the agency Terre di Siena organizes nine unbelievable horse trekking tours covering the entire province. From vineyards to mount Amiata, excursions in the Valdorcia, a visit to San Gimignano, or a ride around Siena are just some of the options you have to really take Tuscany in form a different point of view.

These are just some suggestions that should get you started on the right track to have a fantastic horseback riding holiday in Tuscany. Horses are incredibly humane animals that can turn your vacation from great to unforgettable.

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