Spring is the most exciting holiday season in Prague when the city celebrates a fresh start to the year with the anticipation of a busy summer season. In spring why not visit the city with your family and loved ones and explore the historical church domes, museums and galleries that are situated throughout the city. Prague city breaks provide ample opportunity to shop in the many boutiques and retailers located throughout the city, making the location perfect for that family weekend away.

Easter Celebrations

Easter in Prague is a celebration of the city’s vibrancy and extravagance with parks and gardens coming into full bloom and the famous Easter markets bringing the city to life. As a celebration of the arrival of the Christian Easter period there are many events held in and around the many squares and village halls which are the centrepiece of life in the city. As a meeting point for many locals, the cafes and restaurants located in the town squares provide fantastic lunch menus and drinks to discuss the day’s events. The colourful stalls are filled with various handicrafts and traditional foods offering a range of products from local producers as well as from further afield.

Prague At Easter

Prague’s Wenceslas Square is home to the Easter Markets, where many stalls sell traditional hand made decorations.

Spring in Prague

The famous Prague Spring Festival is a celebration encompassing the entire city, providing music and entertainment to the palaces and museums and entertaining the thousands of visitors that descend on the capital each year. For a long time the city of Prague was smothered by the iron blanket of communism with many people not able to set foot in the city. By comparison, today the city is a bustling tourist hotspot, blooming with colour and life and an opposite to the days of communist rule.

Prague Sightseeing

Take some time out of your break to walk the walk of Kings and Queens up the winding cobbled streets towards Prague Castle. As the centre piece of the Czech monarchy for hundreds of years, the grand castle is a popular tourist attraction, attracting thousands of visitors every year. With a history of over 1100 years, the story of Prague Castle is a symbol of Prague’s long association with Christianity and as a show of strength for the Czech empire. Originally made out of timber and soil the castle has gone under many reconstruction projects with raids, wars and fires placing a burden on the structure.

Prague city breaks are ideal for both families and couples, with a selection of modern attractions to visit along with museums and exhibitions to keep the whole family entertained.

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