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If you are thinking about going on a diving holiday this year, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt has to be at the top of your list. There is an increasing market for diving holidays and all-inclusive holidays to Sharm el Sheikh. The Red Sea has a reputation amongst the diving community as one the best dive spots in the world – crystal clear waters, beautiful weather and comparatively affordable prices. Here, we will explore a bit more about diving holidays in more detail.

Diving Egypt

Expect to see wonderful sights on a diving trip to Sharm el Sheikh

Getting To Sharm el Sheikh

Getting to the area is easier than ever before. This is because tourism is on the increase, which means that more low-cost carriers are offering flights, which has brought down the cost. All flights to the area come through Sharm el Sheikh Airport.

When to Go

If you are going on a diving holiday, think about visiting in the autumn or spring. It is a good idea to try and avoid the hottest months (June through September) because the temperature can be unbearable. In the autumn or spring, temperatures are still high (around 30°C), but as you will be spending a lot of your time diving, you should be alright, as long as you drink lots of water and use waterproof sun lotion.

Egypts Climate

Year round, the area has an average low of 20°C, which is five degrees higher than London ’s year round high. The arid desert climate makes the temperatures soar in the day. This makes the country ideal for diving because temperatures are never cold and rain is not an issue in the spring and autumn.

Sharm el Sheikh Accommodation

One of the best things about the area is that there are plenty of hotels. One that needs to be considered is the Four Seasons Hotel. This is because it is a specialist diving hotel with magnificent access to the Red Sea. With 76 dive destinations on offer from from the hotel, and the opportunity to night dive with qualified instructors, the Four Seasons needs to be considered.

Required Diving Skill Levels

In order to experience a proper diving holiday in Egypt you should have some experience in the water, but there are beginner courses in the region as well. The Four Seasons Hotel offers a free pool trial, followed up by an introductory sea dive for those who are new. Then, if required there are all the courses on offer, including; the PADI basic scuba diving course and the PADI open water course. There is also an e-learning course that you can take before you travel to save time.

Associated Costs

This depends on where you stay. There are diving holidays that will cost you less than £200 for five days in the water. Flights at this time will set you back about £150 per person return. Last you have to take into account accommodation. Staying at the Four Seasons will set you back about £200 a night (for a couple), but it is worth it if you can afford it. On the other hand, accommodation at a nice three star hotel can be obtained for about £200 per week.

Diving holidays in Sharm el Sheikh is a must for all those who enjoy it because the region offers some of the finest diving in the whole world.

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