Ask just about anybody, and they’ll suggest to you that Rio is the number 1 place to kick back in Brazil – but there’s another place, that no so many people have heard of – that is the real party capital of Brazil!

Best Beach In Florianopolis Brazil

You could easily be tempted to visit one of Florianopolis’ great Beaches. That other place, that not so many people have heard of – is the real party capital of Brazil. With over 42 separate beaches, the southern city of Florianopolis has long been famous as a holiday destination in Brazil itself, and the stunning natural setting of rainforest and mountains, together with all the facilities of a large, modern city no your doorstep have made it a popular place to both live and holiday in Brazil. It’s well-known in Brazil for its laid back attitude and unrivalled night life but outside of the country itself, the only people who seem to have heard of it are hardcore surfers – Florianopolis is the only South American stop on the professional surfing World Tour.

Because Florianopolis is partly built on the island of Santa Catarina, you benefit from easy access to the beaches and ocean from almost anywhere in the city, whether that’s a high-rise beach front hotel, or a beach-hut style pousada.

Beach Hotels In Florianopolis Brazil

The waves are the reason the surfers come here (and they’re some of the best in the world) but the beaches that face inwards, away from the Atlantic, offer calm, clear waters perfect for sunbathing and diving. A big attraction in Florianopolis is whale-watching and in season this a fantastic experience as you travel out to sea for the opportunity to get really close to these majestic animals. Dolphins are also regularly seen in the waters around the city and if you’re really lucky you might get a chance to swim with them on your Brazil holidays. And if you’d like to stay dry but still enjoy some adventure sports activities then why not try hiking in the surrounding rainforest, or sand-boarding down the dunes at Joaquina beach?

And when the sun goes down, the beaches of Florianopolis host some of the best nightlife in Brazil. Whether you just want informal drinks around a driftwood fire with some like-minded souls, or you want to enjoy some of the hottest music and DJs in Brazil in some of the best clubs in the country, then Florianopolis has just the spot for you.

If you feel like a break from the beach, or from Florianopolis nightlife… there’s plenty of history to enjoy as well. Wandering through the Old Town’s cobbled streets, you’ll find churches and convents dating back to the 17th century and which are the equal of anything in Rio or Sao Paulo. Right at the heart of the city is the Praça 15 de Noviembro, the old town square, which is surrounded by beautiful historical buildings which have been beautifully restored and now host lovely little cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries. In the middle of the Praça there is an old fig tree and the legend is that circling it seven times will bring you good luck – as if you need any more of it: you’re already on your Brazil holidays in Florianopolis!

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