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1. Dartmoor

Dartmoor National Park is located right next to Exeter Ciyy. Granite tors and vast moorland make it a special place to visit. Just an hour drive from the city centre will take you there. Also, regular scheduled buses are always ready to pick you up after breakfast. Prehistoric stones and hut circles from the Bronze Age have been found on the highland, and of course Dartmoor won’t let you down with its good pubs all available around.

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2. Killerton House

As being part of the National Trust, Killerton House is chosen to be the place where events take place throughout the year including farmer’s markets, classic car displays and related courses on the nature. More significantly, the House also host the Beautiful Days music festival annually.

3. Jurassic Coast

Nature has given Devon all of its beauty, and the Jurassic Coast is an obvious evidence. Situated nearby Exmouth, Jurassic Coast is recognized as World Heritage Site and the fifth greatest natural wonder in Britain. The towering craggy cliffs here are known to have lasted for 180 million years throughout history.

4. Castle Drogo

Its design is a mixture of medieval and Tudor features combined with details of modernist approaches of the time. Drogo is wholly made of granite and known to be the very last castle built in England in 1930. The Castle’s garden has a formal beauty and is densely filled with magnolias, rhododendrons and roses which highlight the muddy ground floor of Dartmoor.

5. National Marine Aquarium

Buy your ticket and get on the train at St.David’s station, it will take you the Plymouth where the largest aquarium of the UK is located. A short drive might do as well so there is no need to hurry out of your bed. The diversity of marine life varies from Plymouth, the Atlantic to the Great Barrier Reef. It is impossible to miss the shark feeding, which will be the most interesting experience you ever have. Later on, educational talks are given to give you an insight of these amazing creatures here.

6. Paignton Zoo

If The National Marine Aquarium has not satisfied your affection for animals, Paignton Zoo is probably the next destination. The place is preserving 2,000 animals and 1,600 species of plants. Addtionally, what is even more incredible is that the zoo is integrated with botanical gardens. Here you’ll have an up close observation of the gorillas, lions, crocodiles and much more. Paignton is easily accessed within a quick drive or a trip by train from St. David’s station.

7. Bicton Park Botanical Gardens

If you fancy an outdoor walk with various types of plants and trees accompanying, Bicton Park is certainly a good choice. Moreover, the park provides you the Bicton Woodland Railway trip to explore the exoticness of vegetation in the four glasshouses. Young visitors are always welcome to the nature-friendly playground.

So if you are living in Exeter and thinking on a short trip nearby, we are sure you now already have a wide range of destinations to visit. From the ‘Heart of Devon’, take a step further and explore the interesting surroundings.

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