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People like J.K. Rowling, Taylor Swift, and Bill Gates reap in money by the millions every hour. What’s worse is that they make it look easy. Have you ever wondered how they do it and what makes them different from ordinary people like you and me? Listed below are the five reasons they are millionaires and not you.

1. You Simply Haven’t Failed Enough

I presume that you are already quite familiar with the drill. How Einstein fared badly in school, the number of failed models the Wright brothers made before hitting on the right one for the aeroplane, how Walt Disney was rejected because he “wasn’t creative enough”. The thing is, you haven’t failed enough. Or rather, that you haven’t tried hard enough. You will gradually have to realize that people succeed not purely on the basis of talent or luck, but by sheer determination and motivation. If you really want to be a millionaire, you have to try just that much harder.

2. They Are Driven By Passion, Not Money

People never become millionaires because they want to be millionaires. It’s simply that they found something that they wanted to do, and became really good at it. No one ever gets anything by just slacking around, so get your feet off the couch and try everything, be it writing or playing an instrument of figure skating. Just find something that you are passionate about, something that you are willing to invest long hours in.

3. You Do Not Seize Opportunities

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One of the most common excuses used by unsuccessful people is this, “I’m not lucky enough, I just need an opportunity”. That’s not really it. You’re likely too afraid to take on the opportunities available. Whatever comes your way, be it hiking trips, volunteering opportunities or month-long courses, just take it. You never know whether it proves to be your lucky break. If there aren’t any opportunities available, there’s nothing stopping you from creating those opportunities for yourself. Should you want a journalism-related career, try emailing editors of newspapers and magazines to volunteer yourself for hire, chances are that they might need someone at the moment, so why not?

But it’s not just about taking opportunities either, most people who have had the perfect chance screw them up before you could say JACK. Be sure to prepare, be it looking up about a company, its core values and missions or brushing up on long-rusty skills required for the task.

4. You Are Content To Stay In Your Comfort Zone

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It’s easy to persist on what you’re accustomed to your whole life. No expectations, no pressure, no success either. Sometimes, you have to push yourself to achieve something you never thought possible. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf once noted that, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”. This is a motto oft practiced by successful people, they leapt into unknown realms, take calculated risks, fail and try again. On the path leading to success, there will inevitably be times when you feel lost or discouraged, but remember this. Successful people aren’t those who are particularly smart or talented, but those who are more persistent than most people. That said, perhaps you aren’t prepared enough or you simply haven’t found your true calling. Whatever it is you’re attempting to do, give it some time, Rome wasn’t built in a day. After practicing, or learning, it just takes that bit longer for the skills to sink in.

5. You Haven’t Learnt How To Give Up

But that doesn’t mean that you could continue doing something blindly. Persistence is simultaneously a virtue and a vice. While being occasionally stubborn is good, you have to continually analyze your progress and how you are measuring up to your long term goals. If you haven’t made any improvement for a protracted period of time, recognize that whatever it is you’re doing is a futile endeavor and that it’s time to move on to something else, something that might eventually be a bigger part of your life.

Perhaps these words might guide you towards being a self-made millionaire. But in the meantime, continue trying, failing and trying again!

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