Used to be on the brink of destruction, many villages have now been recovered to new beauty thanks to colorful paintings by students and artists from around the world. Here are the top three most aesthetic villages in the land of Kimchi that appeal to art lovers.

1. Dongpirang Ville, Gyeongsang

Dongpriang is a small village situated in Tongyeong to the south of Gyeongsang. There are plenty of houses painted in different colors. The walls beside the pathways that lead to the village are magically animated by characters from fairy tales.

Tourists can easily catch a glimpse of a fish, a bug or an ant, etc. on almost every wall alongside the serpentine pathways within the village. Following these paintings, you’ll have the feeling that they are whispering their stories.

The village had once been about to be destroyed due to redevelopment policy. However, thanks to Tyagenda 21 and their wall painting crusade that attracted a lot of students and artists to come to Dongpirang. They covered all the walls, the fences, the steps, the chimneys and even the buckets of water with colorful pictures.

2. Gamcheon Ville, Busan

Those who first come to Gamcheon will be immediately impressed by the light pink colored houses and sculptures placed in almost every alley. Gamcheon’s appearance is a stark contradiction to images of skyscrapers you usually see in other parts of Busan.

This village is a attractive spot for many travelers despite the fact that they love to experience the food, going to the beach or just simply looking for a place to relax in Busan. Gamcheon will overwhelm you with its aesthetic and historic beauty.

While the most perfect viewpoint is Sky Garden – the information center of the village from the above, the true beauty of Gamcheon lies in the curvy alleys like a labyrinth underneath. Each path again leads to other new surprising artworks including birds and famous comic, novelistic characters worldwide.

Gamcheon was, as a matter of fact, a poor village in war time. Instead of ruining the place, artists agreed to come and turn about 300 houses into magnificent artworks, showrooms and coffee shops…to improve life standards here. And now Gamcheon has become one of the top tourist sites in Busan, attracting visits from numerous travelers.

3. Ihwa Ville, Seoul

A 10-minute walk away from Jongno Daehakno’s busy street will take you to a village named Ihwa. A decade ago, the place was a block of degraded houses that were about to be knocked down. Nevertheless, nowaday’s Ihwa has a completely new appearance.

In 2006, working in the Art in City project, Naksan assembled dozens of artists together with local authorities to create 64 blueprints. The project gained great success out of expectation for it managed to attract thousands of people. In 2013, the village was revived thanks to 60 new artworks completed here.

Tourists will have a chance to admire the metal sculptures placed right along the small streets and brilliant wall paintings at every corner of the village. Additionally, even the sloping footsteps have become more animated thanks to colorful drawings.

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